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Hard Of Hearing
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New Jersey HillsFlemington Jewish Community Center now accessible to hard-of-hearingNew Jersey Hills... now accessible to hard-of-hearing. 14 hrs ago; 0. Flemington Jewish Community Center now accessible to hard-of-hearing. The Flemington Jewish Community Center (FJCC) has completed the successful installation of a “hearing loop” around the pews in ... [...]
Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Hard Of Hearing / Headline News
Phoenix Day School for the Deaf is prepping students for life through its football program. Athletic director Jesse Bailey tells The Arizona Republic: Sports gave us a way to learn to fight, and it absolutely helps us in the real world. I played football, basketball and ran track for [...]
Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Deaf News Today / Headline News
Elizabethtown News EnterpriseDeaf, hard-of-hearing students compete in state spelling beeElizabethtown News EnterpriseSpelling Bee contestants Abigail Lear, left, Laben Kirby, Yadiel Mejia, Lacey Carson and Jonah Gunter show their word to the judges Tuesday morning as they compete in the third and fourth-grade levels of the 4th annual State Deaf and [...]
Wed, Dec 06, 2017
Hard Of Hearing / Headline News
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